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 nanop (1:21 AM)
Recently I upgraded to OS 8.6. I also did a low-level reformat of the hard disk and a low-level block check. Everything went fine. Ever since then, the "Rescued items" folder that appears in my Trash (after the occasional crash) consistently says "Rescued items from fSex Machine HD." The name of my hard disk is "Sex Machine HD," not "fSex Machine HD."

I thought back to three years ago when my HD became massively corrupted, which also renamed it to "fSex Machine HD." After that incident I low-level reformatted the disk and never saw the problem again. That was in 1997. The HD has been named "Sex Machine HD" ever since.

I have repeatedly run the latest versions Norton Disk Doctor and Disk First Aid (no problems found) and deleted/ rebuilt my desktop file. I'm worried this may be evidence of a larger problem lurking on my disk. Any advice?


 iCEO Steve Jobs (1:26 AM)
Your machine is at least three years old?

 iCEO Steve Jobs (1:27 AM)
I'd upgrade, and fast.
Those models were definitely not FCC or UL rated for use as Sex Machines.

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