The Topic: Ring Explosion

 AngryShrew (4:51 PM)
I was reading your interesting political views, and at first I was thinking, "Wow, this is an intelligent and well thought out essay on the War on Drugs". Then I got to thinking, "Hey, why isn't he shouting 'Wha BOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!'?" I think everyone would prefer it if you and the doughboy kept to your silly catch phrases while Bacon and Thomas Jefferson handle the politics.

Of course, good Ring Explosion, I will always admire and respect you for your "Wha-BOOOOMMM!" talents.


 The Evil Black Marble (4:58 PM)
Ah, everything's going to heck in a handbasket. I mean, look at me. I mean, um,


Heh, see ya later, blue marble.

 Bill & Ted (5:02 PM)
Dude! Yea! With all these weird inanimate objects talking and stuff, it's totally like that one movie...You know, with the Trucks and the Estavez guy!

Bill & Ted (5:02 PM) 
Oh yea! It was...

 Stephen King (5:02 PM)

Bill & Ted (5:02 PM) 
Maximum Overdrive!

 Stephen King (5:02 PM)

sigh. Why can't I ever forget I wrote that? I've forgotten half the stuff I've written, but that just keeps popping up like some really disturbing penny.

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