The Topic: Let's Hear It For The Nipple

 Chalkdust (4:31 PM)
If there truly is a God, I most certainly applaud his design of the human female breast! Pure genius! Who knew a fleshy sphere with a single protruding lump would be so appealing? Huzzah!


 Evil Genius (4:32 PM)
Yes, fine, one out of how many billion. What what about nipples for men? I mean, I go on about it, but really.

 Tigger (4:42 PM)
And they're sure good at bouncing!

 Evil Genius (4:43 PM)
Ah, crap. Who let the Disney van unload? And a sexually frustrated one at that.

Fry (4:44 PM) 
I guess that happens when you're "....the only one".

 Tigger (4:49 PM)
Tell me about it, buddy. I can only spend so much time pouncing on random women in the park.

Britney Spears (4:55 PM) 
So that's what that was.

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