The Topic: Recessive Silence..

 nanop (10:11 PM)
Is the silence of a mime a dominant or recessive trait? If a mime was to mate with a clown, would the offspring be more likely to be mute or have large red shoes?


 Sir Francis Bacon (10:23 PM)
What a good question. I propose an experiment. First we'll need a mime.

The Surly Mime (10:23 PM) 

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:23 PM)
Then a clown.

Krusty the Klown (10:23 PM) 

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:27 PM)
And then we need to make them have HOT HOT monkey sex.

 Dancing Monkey (10:24 PM)
I think I know a thing or two about that.

Space Moose (10:24 PM) 
Yeah me too...

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:24 PM)
Anyway monkey get to work...

 Dancing Monkey (10:24 PM)
Ok, here we go..

 Censored! (10:24 PM)

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:25 PM)
Amazing... I didn't think it was possible. But look what we've created.

 Ronald Reagan (10:25 PM)
Uh, hello, where am I?, who am I?

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:26 PM)
I don't completely understand it, but it would appear Ronald Reagan is the result of a mating mime and clown. Strange. Very strange.

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