The Topic: incorridgable

 dooflappy (2:44 PM)
how would you propose to, in the presence of vast quantities, when it is apparently obvious that the initial intentions were not to consume the sandwich?


Space Moose (2:54 PM) 
Jesus Christ, not a peep out of the internet for hours, and then it opens its mouth and spews forth this POS question.

 The Big Fucking State of Alaska (2:54 PM)

Space Moose (2:55 PM) 
And to add insult to, er... and to add insult to stupidity, it's from our old pal, Alaska.

 The Tick (2:56 PM)
Then I shall do battle with this question! Let's see.. Oooh, it's an easy one! Hold on.... hmmm...

 The Tick (2:57 PM)
... let's see.... mmmmm.... carry the two....

 The Tick (2:58 PM)
I would propose to not eat the sandwich because it is EVIL, like all cunning things from Alaska!


 Old, Tired Spock (2:59 PM)

Old, Tired Kirk (2:59 PM) 
Don't even start with that line of yours.

 Old, Tired Spock (3:00 PM)

 Old, Tired Spock (3:00 PM)
In this case, the answer lies with the sand which is not there.

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