The Topic: Question for Askee #3

 Someone (10:05 AM)
If you were a refrigerator, and I were a chunk of cheese, what kind of cheese would I be, and where would you store me for maximum freshness?


 Fwiffo of the Spathi (10:09 AM)
You would be gorgonzola cheese, and you would stacked around me, in great piles! That way, when the evil monsters came to eat me, they would have to eat all the cheese to get to me, and then they'd be so full, they couldn't eat me for hours, giving me ample time to run away and find a new hiding spot.

Willow Rosenberg (10:12 AM) 
Well, what then? Where would you keep getting all the cheese? Wouldn't you eventually run out?

Ash (10:23 AM) 
Hey, while we're on the subject, let's get a roll call of the 10 original Askees, for historical purposes.

 Brakky of the Pkunk (10:23 AM)
We are One with this web page!

 Space Moose (10:23 AM)
I'm Askee #2. Hmmm... "Number Two" is also one of my favorite bodily functions.

 Fwiffo of the Spathi (10:23 AM)
I'm number three! That means that I'm third in line for the escape pods, should this web page ever be forced to self-destruct!

 Lord Amazorn (10:23 AM)
I established my presence here early. You have to move quickly in eCommerce.

 Bacon (10:23 AM)
IIIIIII'mmmmmmmm BACON! Bacon bacon bacon!!

 *Singer* of the Orz (10:23 AM)
Hello extremely! We are *squirting* into *silly* network.

 Fuchsia of the Melnorme (10:23 AM)
The Melnorme established trading routes to this web page shortly after the Amazornian Empire opened its borders.

 Mom (10:23 AM)
I'm the 8th Askee, dear. My my, I remember when it was just the 10 of us.

 Dad (10:23 AM)
Those were certainly the days. These are also certainly the days. My how our little family has grown.

 Pinywiny of the Arilou (10:23 AM)
Yes, grown. But grown in what direction, under who's direction? We know the answers. We are The Ten.

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