The Topic: Aaaagh!!

 Bloodyegg (9:19 PM)
Why are matrices so mind numbingly, skull crushingly boring??? Is there ANYTHING interesting about matrices?


 Trinity (9:24 PM)
I...... oh.. why bother?

 Trinity (9:26 PM)
I'm just looking forward to the NEXT movie.... Wronskian

Dilbert (9:27 PM) 
You probably don't care, but matrices are of vast importance when doing 3d graphics on a computer, especially realtime 3D graphics.

 The Evil Black Marble (9:28 PM)
Like computer games, you mean?

Dilbert (9:29 PM) 
Well yes, I suppose technically realtime 3D rendering could be used for "games"...

 Bloodyegg (9:30 PM)
Oh really? I saw something about that in the back of my Linear Algebra book, but since we're still covering how to multiply them (GOD KNOWS WHY) I don't think we're ever going to get there. And why Trinity as an askee? She's annoying. Am I the only one who didn't like that movie?

 H/\x0r d00d (9:30 PM)
K3wl! 1 n33d t0 h/\ck a 3133t b3t4 k0py 0f D1lb3rt's g4m3!

 Some AOL User (9:32 PM)
Me too! I want a beta copy of Dilbert's game!

 Nuts the Squirrel (9:33 PM)
Oh! So THAT's what that said

Dilbert (9:32 PM) 
Look, I'm not working on a game. I just said that matrices are useful in the field of 3D graphics.

 Some AOL User (9:33 PM)
Uh huh. They always deny it when it's true.

Trinity (9:38 PM) 
Why am I an Askee? I'm the greatest hacker that ever lived. There's no web page built that can keep me out.

 H/\x0r d00d (9:42 PM)
Y34h r1gh7! Ch1kz /\r3 0n1y g00d h4x0rz 1n m0v1es!

Trinity (9:44 PM) 
I'd come up with a scathing comeback to your sexist remark, but I just realized that I am just a "movieland female hacker", so I have no basis for argument.

 H/\x0r d00d (9:45 PM)
Suk 1t, by4tch.

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