The Topic: Censor that!

 Vagabond (10:39 AM)
I'd like to make a motion to never allow Mr. Edd to say "Horse's Schlong" again.

I could deal with, say, Jay, saying that, but it's just disturbing coming from Mr. Ed.


 Jay (10:41 AM)
Shit man, like uh, don't be such a fucking prude.

 Jay (10:41 AM)
But yeah, Mr. Ed saying "Horse Shlong" is pretty fucked up.

Mr. Ed (10:41 AM) 

 Silent Bob (10:41 AM)
Damn straight, Mr. Ed.

 Mr. Ed (10:47 AM)

 Mr. Ed (10:48 AM)
Oh yeah? Well.... H-O-R-S-E S-C-H-L-O-N-G. Horse Schlong.

 Milkman Dan (10:49 AM)
I hate you Mr. Ed.

Space Moose (10:50 AM) 

Space Moose (10:50 AM) 
Moose Shlong?

Space Moose (10:50 AM) 

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