The Topic: Equine Studies

 Cliona (10:14 AM)
A major including 1 man, 50 drunk girls, 25 athletic girls, 25 barn rats (note: these are not rodents), and 25 fat kids. Classes include, "Stable Management" (which I dropped due to the fact I refuse to clean a sheath, which is... well... female horses don't have them), "Farrier Science", "Advanced Fundamentals of Riding; No Stirrups", and "Conformation and Selection." It's a lot of loud and bitchy riding instructors, cold, obnoxious horses, and shitty pay. Also, as a tip to all other college professors around the globe, DON'T PASS AROUND FACT SHEETS THAT SAY HOW USELESS THIS MAJOR WILL BE ONCE YOU'VE GRADUATED.
I hate stupid people.


 Dogbert (10:15 AM)
I can certainly see the allure in that line of work.

 Mr. Ed (10:16 AM)
Don't be afraid to use the term "horse shlong" if it saves typing.

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