The Topic: Last night

 Cliona (9:39 AM)
Last night I dreamt I stole a horse from a grizzled old 19th century English cobbler and kept it for my own nefarious uses. Is this a sign from the heavens that I should return to Equine Studies as a college career?


 Mr. Ed (9:50 AM)

Bill & Ted (9:54 AM) 
Dude, we totally noticed that on that feedback form we like filled out yesterday, the "Equine Studies" was listed as a field of interest.

 Bill & Ted (9:54 AM)
What's "equine studies" anyway?

Bill & Ted (9:54 AM) 
I think it's like where a bunch of babes talk about how much they wanted ponies when they were little girls or something.

 Bill & Ted (9:54 AM)

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