The Topic: Huh?

 The Asker (8:39 AM)
Wait a minute, why would a Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) care about who gets to be an askee? If somebody showed up that you didn't like, you could just "do your thang" and take care of the problem. Why bother with an application?

This is not to mention that Loraybreyan's post was an obvious attempt at fishing for responses from other Buffy personalities, and the people (or things) that know the absolute least about the show decided to answer the question instead!


 Hal9000 (9:07 AM)
You are correct, this is perplexing behavior. Indeed, there is no application process, and "Ring Explosions" should not even be able to communicate. Perhaps most unsettling, the Askees who responded were, as you said, totally unqualified to answer the question. As I am at a loss, I feel it best to open this problem to a panel to comment on this.

Chief Wahoo (9:07 AM) 
Go Tribe!

 Bunnicula, the Vampire Bunny (9:07 AM)
Nibble, Nibble.

Gex (9:07 AM) 
Kill your T.V., Man!

Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (9:07 AM) 
Them Dukes! Them Dukes!

 Hal9000 (9:09 AM)
I hope you found this helpful.

Willow Rosenberg (10:03 AM) 
Whew! We're here! Sorry about all that, guys. We'd have been here to answer the question sooner, but we were out chasing down a demon, and he went and hid in a haunted mansion, and then our van broke down, and it was just a mess...

Willow Rosenberg (10:03 AM) 
But it turned out that all along it was just old man Harrison, who owns the local used car lot.

 Scooby Doo (10:03 AM)
Rut rit ruz rreally rcary!

Xander Harris (10:03 AM) 
Zoinks! It sure was, Scoob.

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