The Topic: And talking about l**ve again...

 The Asker (1:26 AM)
... I've had the (some may say sad) experience that when both parties are in love, it lasts about, say, a weekend. Usually, it's more of one person loving another, and the other lets him/herself be loved. Until the first major disagreement, at least...
(By the way, there's a temp at my office that's making the moves on me, but she looks SO much like my ex, that she really spooks me... oh well....)


 Homer Simpson (10:52 AM)
oooooo A "professional", we're really moving up now. No more lazy college students.

 Bob & Doug McKenzie (10:52 AM)
Yeah, pretty soon, everyone'll be looking at this site, eh?

 Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith (10:53 AM)
I love it when a plan really comes together.

Dilbert (12:11 PM) 
"l**ve"? I don't get it. Louve? Leive?

 Dogbert (12:11 PM)
The second "*" is silent.

Dilbert (12:11 PM) 
Typical of the French.

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