The Topic:
Evil Askees!

The Question:

Please Please keep the rotating evil jackolantern.. it makes me dizzy but its *so* sexy! Could you?

 The Evil Black Marble

Well, so far we've gotten lots of responses on keeping the Halloween askees...but they're about evenly split. Half want the pumpkin, the other half want the tree, but say the pumpkin has to go because it's irritating.

Angry Tree  

It's not irritating, it's EVIL!

 Rotating Pumpkin

No...I think I'm just irritating.

 The Evil Black Marble

Anyway, since we're terrible at making decisions, it looks like, at this point at least, they both go!

Angry Tree  

Hey! Booo! No fair.

 The Evil Black Marble

I should be evil enough for anyone.


But.. But... But...
yeah. You are pretty evil.
I always wondered.. is that an orange MOHAWK the angry tree is sportin?

Angry Tree  

Um...I'm not sure. I'm really just clip art.

I mean, EVIL Clip Art!

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