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 Bloodyegg (9:18 AM)
If you're falling in love with someone on the internet because you don't see their rude and snippy side and because you are imagining them in the best light possible, are you really falling in love with that person or just becoming infatuated with some "ideal" version of him or her? Can you really consider that falling in love?


Denise Richards (9:24 AM) 
Hmmm. This is a difficult (but good) question.

 The 80s! (9:25 AM)
Hey, this question is way out of scope for this site, man! Lets talk about ME some more!

Denise Richards (9:26 AM) 
Hush, I'm enjoying this. I don't get to "be myself" in public very often.

 John Horatio Malkovich (9:27 AM)
Every time I hear the phrase "be yourself" these days all I can think of is that ghastly incident.

Denise Richards (9:29 AM) 
ANYway, to get back to the subject; I think there is much truth to that statement. Though it is difficult to draw a line and state "here is the seperation between love and infatuation".

 Porn (9:30 AM)
No it isn't. If they go down on me, it's love, if not, it's just infatuation.

Denise Richards (9:31 AM) 
"Butt" out, Porn. Go home, nobody likes you.

 Porn (9:31 AM)
The internet is my home.

Denise Richards (9:32 AM) 
Yes, quite. Before I continue, do you have any thoughts you'd like to share on the issue, Bloody?

 Captain Zapp Brannigan (10:09 AM)
Love? Infatuation? It makes little difference, in the end, the result is the same: Hot hot sex in the captain's quarters.

 Bloodyegg (11:00 AM)
Well, it might all depend on your definition of love. Perhaps to be in love you only have to think that you're in love.

Denise Richards (11:10 AM) 
Yes, indeed, the definition of love. My personal definition is somewhat like yours, but includes reciprocality - it is love if BOTH parties think it is. If only one party thinks they are in love, it is most likely just "infatuation", even if they think they are in love very strongly. This applies especially to all the hundreds of men who have sent me love letters without even knowing me.

Denise Richards (11:13 AM) 
Though please don't consider my statement a disparagement of the old poetic notion "Unrequited Love". I'm not implying that there's something wrong with having feelings of love for one who does not return your feelings. I'm just saying that it does not fit my definition of "true" love.

 The Impressive Clergyman (11:20 AM)
And wauve, twue wauve...

 Britney Spears (11:18 AM)
Denise, you're too hung up on all this "love" stuff! Stop pouting and have some fun!

Denise Richards (11:21 AM) 
I'm afraid I can't- my face froze in a perpetual state of UltraPout, just like my mother warned me it would. But really, I am having fun, thank you.

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