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 Bloodyegg (8:43 PM)
I like it when people call the wrong number but won't believe that they could have dialed incorrectly and then try to convince me that I know them. I hate people!


Dilbert (9:08 PM) 
In my cubicle I have this old unused, unregistered data line. One day I plugged a spare phone into it, and lo and behold, it now rings about once a day, either from misdialed numbers, or phone solicitors randomly sweeping vast swaths of phone numbers.

Dilbert (9:08 PM) 
I call it my "Wrong Number Phone", because no matter what, whoever is calling it is getting "the wrong number", one way or the other.

 Dilbert (9:09 PM)
Now this is a beautiful thing, because I'm free, free, completly free to answer that phone with whatever wacky greeting I choose. "Wrong Number dot com!", or "Hello, you have dialed the wrong number", "You have reached Strategic Air Command", etc.

 Dilbert (9:10 PM)
The intersting thing is that people will sort of "blank out" my outrageous salutations, and after a brief moment of silent confusion on their end of the line, they'll go ahead and ask for whoever it was they were trying to call.

 Dilbert (9:11 PM)
I've started playing a little game called "How far will I go?" to see how offensive I have to be before the person realizes that something is wrong and just hangs up instead of asking for "Dave" or whoever.

Dilbert (9:18 PM) 

 Dilbert (9:20 PM)
The only problem is, now answering my real phone is an almost unimaginably boring and tedious task, because I'm required to just politely talk to someone while every bone in my body is urging me to scream "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!!"

Dogbert (9:20 PM) 
You really need a social life.

Ewan McGregor (9:21 PM) 
Right then, have you wankers got this weird "Gen-X Phone Angst" out of your systems?

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