The Topic: Do I even need a phone?

 Bloodyegg (8:30 PM)
Today I got one phone call, from someone calling for a person who has the same name as me but isn't me, apparently, and one voice mail message, which consisted of over a minute of background noise of people conversing in Spanish... If I wasn't an atheist, I would think that someone up there is laughing at me...


 Bacon (8:33 PM)
I used to get calls like that.
And then I just decided to leave my modem connected to my ISP all the time.

 Bacon (8:33 PM)
Once I go to DSL, though, I guess its back to life insurance offers from my bank and spanish voice mail.

 Bacon (8:34 PM)
And the Ballet grubbing for money.

 Bacon (8:34 PM)
And long distance offers.

 Bacon (8:35 PM)
And why can I subscribe to the paper over the Web, but I need to call a "customer service representative" during freaking working hours to cancel?

 Bacon (8:36 PM)
And who are these idiots who hear my answering machine message that clearly states my name and yet still ask Joe to call them back?

 Bacon (8:36 PM)
Christ, people!
Get your acts together!

Bacon (8:44 PM) 
And if I hear one more goddamn local newscaster lead into a story on the flu epidemic with "Now onto some news about a real y2k bug..."

 Dad (9:04 PM)
Honey! This bacon is bitter! Why don't you get the honey-maple kind next time?

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