The Topic:
Yo People!

The Question:

I'm new here and I'd just like to know what ye guys do to make a wandering soul like me feel welcome.

 Babe the Pig

We'll roll out the red carpet!

Rolling out the red carpet  

 Babe the Pig

We'll strike up the band!



 Babe the Pig

And welcome you with open arms!

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

Hi! I don't have any clothes on!

 Babe the Pig

And then some mean old askee will probably make fun of you.

 Milkman Dan

It's good to see new faces around here, welcome.

 Babe the Pig

Wow, I guess not, we're just one big, happy family.

 Milkman Dan

It's good to soften up the fresh meat before going in for the kill.

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