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Al Gore is coming to my college tomorrow to give a speech, and I'm going with a bunch of Nader supporters. What would be the most effective way to get out the Nader message at Gore's speech?

Al Gore  

By voting for me! Come on, people, he doesn't have a chance, do you really want Junior here to win?

 George W. Bush

Well, I'm behind you 100% kid. Spread the Nader word! Posters, that sit-down protest thing, it's all good.

 George W. Bush

And take some of those tomatoes, you know, to hit Gore with.

Ralph Nader  

First, I don't enjoy being used like this, and second, I don't see how hitting Gore with tomatoes is going to help spread my message.

 George W. Bush

Who's still talking about you?

I just think it'd be funny.

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