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Why is it that shampoo bottles almost always have everything written in French as well as English? I doubt very much that said hair cleansers are sold in France. They are also not a product of France.

 Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

Non, mais pour the people of Quebec, they are the ones who read the Shampoo bottles. And eet es cheaper for the companies to make the same bottles for all the North America, no?

 Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

The real question, why do they put the instructions, "Lather, rise, repeat," on the bottles. I mean, really? Are we stupide?

Who are ze ad wizardes who came up withe that one?

 Taco Bell

All of North America? Si, porque los Mexicanos hablan Frances tambien!

 Marianne, the Ideal of French Womanhood

Chien idiot! Le Mexique fait partie de l'Amérique latine. Nous parlons des bornes culturelles, les non géographiques.

Jimmy James  

For crying out loud, people, when did this become "foreign language day?" It sounds like the freaking U.N. in here. This is the Internet, let's use good old American English, okay?

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