The Topic:
My new song

The Question:
 Billy Corgan

Here is the new song I wrote, tell me what you think! It's a bit of a departure from my usual style.
o/~I have a throbbing pile of hamster pus
There it is festering in a mound
I have a rabid weasel in my pants
It's not over until the last Llama's anus has been licked!~\o
What do you think? Platinum material?

 Marketing Wonks

Anything that comes with Billy Corgan's name attached is gonna make us money.

Marketing Wonks  

You're probably right, but Our Lawyers have been cracking down recently, shouldn't we read it first?

 Marketing Wonks

I'm telling you it's not necessary, but if you insist,
I have a throbbing pile of hamster p

 Marketing Wonks

What the hell is this crap?

 Marketing Wonks

I like Hamsters.

Marketing Wonks  

Stay with us, Ed.

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