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Re:Headaches and sex

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Ok, so sure this could help, with the release of endorphins, but here's the thing, you know those pounding horrible headaches that get worse when you stand up or do anything, because the harder your heart beats, the more it affects the severity of the headache? Can you have sex without your heart rate going up huh??
I say the cure might be worse!


Give me a night, and Duffman will prove that a little action will cure even the worst headache. I'll even get you the next Duff Calendar.

 Jenny McCarthy

Duffman, you promised me I would be on the next Duffman can if I slept with you, and I haven't seen a new can yet.


Duffman says a lot of things, babe.

 The Avatar

Desperate men flirting with anything that moves was last night, today we are virtuous.

 Milkman Dan

 Milkman Dan


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