The Topic:
Peanut butter

The Question:

Somebody told me today that I own enogh peanut butter to start a war.

How exactly would I go about starting this war?

 King Ramesses of the Egyptians

You slowly build your power, making sure to build city walls to protect all your major power centers. Wait until your enemy is is a period of expansion, or busy with another agressor.

 King Ramesses of the Egyptians

After making sure you have a good mix of artillery type and defensive type combat units, begin moving them into enemy territory. If you have a peace treaty, it's possible your enemy will demand you leave his territory. At this point, it may be necessary to incite a revolt in one of your enemy's smaller border towns.

 King Ramesses of the Egyptians

Then, use the element of surprise and several waves of swift chariot units to crush your enemy's first line of defense!

Civ's Wise Man  

And the peanut butter?

 King Ramesses of the Egyptians

You spread it on crackers or toast and eat it, of course.

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