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Why... why... WHY did your company go exclusive with the X-Box? W-H-Y?!

 Abraham Simpson

Well, it all started back in 19-dickity-7. I'd recently invented a device that would one day be known as the "digital computer" but as fate would have it, I was going to the store that day to buy a turnip. Now, turnips in those days ran off steam power, not like the new-fangled ones today! So, I'll went down to the docks, where the turnips were being unloaded, and one of the ships had run aground.

 Abraham Simpson

Now, it turned out that that ship was actually on its way from Queensland, which is what Siam was known as at the time. So, I knew I had to work fast. I fashioned my pocketwatch, or "goose-grambler" as well called them (let me check my goose-grambler, or I'll be late, we'd always say...) into a sort of crude time keeping device! Now, here's the important part of the story, because of the war, it was daylight savings time all year round, and we "leaped ahead" an hour each week. "Look before you leap your goose-grambler," we'd say.

Lisa Simpson  

Um...I think this person might have the wrong website.

 Abraham Simpson

Quiet! Now where was I? Ah yes, as I was saying...


 Abraham Simpson

*snort* Wha?

Who? Flapjacks, please!


Shit.. you're right. Wrong site. *smacks forehead*

 Abraham Simpson

Does this mean I don't get my flapjacks?

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