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I've been talking to a girl from Trinidad online for about a month now. She's intelligent, interesting, and independent. She's also pretty hot, based on the pictures she's sent me. The downside is that we live on opposite sides of the equator, so the most we could possibly see eachother is a few weeks out of the year. The upside is that so far we get along great and I'm pretty sure we'd spend most of our time together having hot hot international sex. She'll be visiting relatives within driving distance of me next month, although the drive is so long that I'd probably *have* to sleep there just so I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. So what should I do?

 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding

OK, let me get this straight, there's a women who, when you see her, you'll pretty much only have sex. What's more, she's a long way off, you'll have plenty of time to have sex with other women, and there is no way she'll know about it.

 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding

What's the problem?

Willow Rosenberg  


 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding

What is it with this place? Drop these stiffs and bring on the babes, that'll bring in the ratings, I guarantee it.

George Zimmer  

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