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Sys Admin.

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 Blue Marble

I'm a system administrator...basically you fix "problems" and when something goes wrong it's your fault

You have two types of administrators...those who come in to a new company or "startup" if you will, and those for an established company

for the former you get to setup new servers, and create the network connectivity and can be fun and exciting. But you really need to have a high level of knowledge on what you're doing.

for the latter you sit around and create new user accounts, and only leap into action when there's an emergency. The rest of the day is spent sitting around waiting for something bad to happen

 The Evil Black Marble

And surfing the internet.

 Blue Marble

well, yah, if it werent for that we'd be too bored to even want this job

 The Evil Black Marble

What did sysadmins do before the internet, anyway?

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