The Topic:
drastic changes

The Question:

why don't you make it so that not only the person who started the thread can reply to the topic. if someone else has a smartass comment to rival the askees, why not put it in?
or are you afraid of competition?


Okay, everyone, tell meatbag here what a great idea this is, ok?


i didn't mean OPEN participation, gender-bender. i meant filtered, like every other topic.


that sorta sounds like a message board to me.

Here is one for you to try out:

Mention something about pouring grits on natalie portman..they've never heard that one before.

Wow bender, i wonder what a beowolf cluster of bender robots would be like.

*drowns in sarcasm*


oh..ok I moderate drabk WAY down to like -infinity


I start fires!


and myself up to +infinity.

Now i can comment on every thread and he can't even get any posted.


So, we get to see all the crap responses, but you guys are shielded from them. That sounds great.

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