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Tonight, I went and hung out with this really wonderful girl. I brought her flowers, and we watched A Midsummer Night's Dream. After that, we watched TV, and played a few games. All in all, it was pretty cool. I also recieved a "squishy-boob" hug. Am I more or less of a loser now?

Old, Tired Spock  

We have insufficient data, as we cannot be sure how much of a "loser" you were previously.

However, in all probability, a "squishy-boob" hug would almost certainly factor favorably for you.


Well, I participated in high school debate. I've never had a steady girlfriend. I'm attending a community college, and I work at a camera shop.

On the other hand, I have a cool car.

On yet another hand, I wrecked it.

Oh, and I am posting to the 'tron at midnight.

How is that for data?

 Old, Tired Kirk

Hell, any contact with boobs makes you 'cooler' in my boob. Book. My book.

Old, Tired Spock  


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