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: Aim High, Shoot Low

The Question:

To all you wanting to know what to do to keep from getting kicked into the 'friend' category with women: 'lower your sites but raise your aim'. Take it from a relatively old hand at this dating thing, it's not you that needs to change. You need to change the women you're letting yourself get stuck on.

If you try to change yourself just to get into a relationship, you both're gonna end up miserable cos it won't really be you she likes. There won't be peace. Who knows what it is that attracts a woman? Just look for one that likes you as you.

Most importantly, if you get defected and rejected by some fem, remember, it's not necessarily cos she wants someone better than you.. just someone -different-. Go out and find that -different- woman that will want you for you.

Or don't.


Man, that is one dead sexy Gumby!


See? It's working already!

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