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I read through the entire list of ways to annoy your roommate. They left off a couple that I have found to be quite effective:

Never go offline, and when he/she complains about wanting to use the phone, tell them that 'It's not like they've got anything useful to say.'

Listen to 'Sesame Road' a lot. Then listen to the original versions and wax enthusiastic about the brilliance of the people at the Children's Television Network.

Take photographs of your roommate while they're sleeping. Then put them up all over your room.

Commander Hayes  

HA-ha! I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason I really like that last one.


It's highly effective and extremely creepy.

Might I also recommend having a couple pictures of other people sleeping with Xs through their faces among the fresh ones of the roommate?

And never, ever talk about it.

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