The Topic: Owie.

 Cliona (11:05 AM)
Did you ever get a sore throat that wasn't scratchy, just felt like someone poking your neck with a dull object right between your collarbones in that soft part, and then cough just enough to make you want to cut out your throat with a rusty blade?


Brisco County Jr. (11:41 AM) 
Sounds like a real pain-in-the. I hope you feel better soon! Everyone wish Cliona health, and behave yourselves.

 Gyrfalcon (12:13 PM)
Recover quickly, Cliona. I had a cold once. You would not believe how hard they are to get rid of when you spend much of your time out in the cold mountain air. Sometimes I wish I was a migratory falcon.

 Bloodyegg (12:19 PM)
I hope you don't seriously damage your vocal cords! But, seriously, you might want to get cough drops or visit the doctor.

Man, and why are all the askees being so friendly all of the sudden? Maybe they're up to something... We're on to you!!!!

 Cliona (12:31 PM)
My options are... the store in the student center that's open from like 7am to 9am (Zzzz...) or to drive a half hour to Wal-Mart. Yech! I think I'll just stay in bed. Thank you, Gyrfalcon... *pets soft white feathers*

 Bloodyegg (12:38 PM)
Uhmm... Gargle with salt water?

 Gyrfalcon (12:39 PM)

Brisco County Jr. (12:43 PM) 
I keep trying to be nice to people, because that's just the way I am, but noooo, I'm either a fat corn alien, or I'm up to something... I'm starting to dislike this place. I'd leave, but I swore that I'd do my best to balance out the Benders and Milkman Dans and Space Mooses of this place, and I'm not giving up just because nobody appreciates me.

 Lord Bowler (12:45 PM)
You know what yo' problem is, Brisco, it's that you just ain't a people person.

Brisco County Jr. (12:45 PM) 
Oh, and I suppose you are, "Lord" Bowler.

 Lord Bowler (12:46 PM)
'Course. People are my bread and butter.

 Bloodyegg (12:53 PM)
I'm sorry, Brisco. I was just kidding about the fat alien thing. I don't think you're fat at all.

Lord Bowler (12:56 PM) 
Well I think he's fat. Ever since we captured John Bly's gang, this lazybone's done nothin' but mope around this stupid place, takin' two lunches and the like.

 Brisco County Jr. (12:57 PM)
I suppose you're right, I should be out there, helping to make the world a better place, not wasting my time here. Got any hot bounties, Bowler?

Lord Bowler (12:58 PM) 
Ha! Like I'd be sharin' that with you. You go get your own job.

 Bloodyegg (12:59 PM)
Brisco could go find the cure for the common cold... and help Cliona.

 chipuni (12:59 PM)
Hihi, Cliona... open your mouth, and say 'Aaaaaahhh...'

*peers into Cliona's throat with a flashlight*

Oh, my. How did you get Nuts the Squirrel down there?

 Brisco County Jr. (1:00 PM)
In other words, you're out of a job, too.

Lord Bowler (1:00 PM) 
I never said 'dat.

 Brisco County Jr. (1:00 PM)
Well, I guess we'll just have to ride out together and see where we end up, just like in the old days.

 Brisco County Jr. (1:00 PM)
See you later, folks.

 Bloodyegg (1:03 PM)
Does that mean Brisco is leaving? But what about Brisco... and Brisco?

 TheVoid (1:16 PM)
Uh-Oh if Brisco leaves, that will leave bender and the like, free to do whatever they want. Come Back Brisco!

Bender (1:20 PM) 
Ha haha! Callousness and insults win again!

Milkman Dan (1:20 PM) 
Woooo!! We rule.

Space Moose (1:21 PM) 
Now I can be myself in this thread and nobody will stop me. Hey Cliona, I've got "something" that will soothe that throat problem.

Milkman Dan (1:22 PM) 
Boy, does he ever.

 chipuni (1:26 PM)
Space Moose, is it an acorn?

 Nuts the Squirrel (1:28 PM)
Mmmm..... Space Moose nuts!!

 Bloodyegg (1:32 PM)
I'm blind!!!

 Cliona (1:35 PM)
Hey Space Moose, remember that rusty blade? Yeah, I thought you did. Just keep on your side of the thread...

*hacks up an acorn*
Ack! How'd that get in there??

Willow Ufgood (1:36 PM) 
Hey, that was my magic acorn. It turns girls into HOT HOT NUDE STATUES!!


 Fry (1:37 PM)
Are we ever going to get that fixed? He weirds me out.

Leela (1:39 PM) 
Probably not. Chaykin was the expert at the interdimensional carrier waves that allow us to interact with this site. You'll just have to learn to live with him.

Unless... Hmm... maybe we could use this Conversatron equipment to reach him on his distant planet, and get him to tell us how to fix it.

 Cliona (1:38 PM)
*looks around carefully*
*takes a survey*
Pants... check
Shirt... check
Socks... check

Sorry, no hot hot nude statues here. I suggest you return it to the manufacturer.

 Leela (1:43 PM)
Ok, I think I've got this set up right. Here goes... Let's see if he picks up.

Garbled Transmission from Lester (1:43 PM) 
Kkrkkkkrrrrr..... pphjjiitssss...... crackle crackle....

 Fry (1:43 PM)
Something's coming through!

 Leela (1:43 PM)
Lester, how do we get Willow's carrier signal to stop getting interferance from porn's?

Garbled Transmission from Lester (1:43 PM) 
pphfssshhhhhssshhh..... oblong ... kkkrrkkkkkzzzzz.... dimwitted ... snnnnnrkkkkkkklll..... ffffzzzzzz....... panties ...... popcrrkkkkkkkkkkrrrr..... afterthought.

 Willow Ufgood (1:44 PM)
A resounding success! WHEEEE!!!!

 Bloodyegg (1:55 PM)
Lester will know where Cliona can get some cough drops!!

Garbled Transmission from Lester (1:59 PM) 
FFffffffttttt..... sanctimonious.... bkkkkkrbbbbb...... delicious ...sssssssssssssss... think so?

 Leela (2:00 PM)
Well this isn't getting us anywhere. I guess I'll leave the channel open though, in case it clears up at some point.

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