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Goodnight kiss...

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Wow, an open thread on my inexperience with dating. For the record, it
went well, and I appreciate all the comments - even though I didn't get
any of them until after the date. Now though I wonder... how does one
know if one should initiate a "goodnight kiss? ...myself, I was far too
nervous, and I ended up grumbling and bellyaching about my lack of
self-esteem to myself on the drive back to my dorm...


A goodnight kiss on the first date? I think you'd better cool your jets, mister. You're moving a might quick there!


Sorry Dad, I guess I _am_ a little anxious. 2 years and
all... can we go get an icecream and talk about baseball?


Sure thing, son. What's all this talk I heard about a Subway Series? How about those Brooklyn Dodgers, huh?

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