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Conversatron, Conversatron,
why do you scare me so?
I'm typing with the lights on,
To help diminish the glow,

I keep clicking reload
when i know i should be asleep
so i am writing you this ode
as i sit here and i weep

i cannot sign offline,
for fear of what i'll miss
in school im falling behind
and i really need to piss

now im stuck in IRC,
and oh, i'm really scared,
nemo's going 'op' crazy
and there's a ring explosion (with lens flare)

Chaykin and Bacon come in
but only to gimp out
and Dysthynmia gets a UNIX manual
so i slap him with a trout

 Lester Knight Chaykin

Our readers are the best!

 Lester Knight Chaykin

Thank you for making this old polygon man very happy.

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