The Topic:
It's not me.

The Question:

I have this friend, we'll call him, say, "Mirgot," who has just confessed to me that he has a crush on Buttercup. Am I right in assuming that he's deeply disturbed?
Um, this isn't about me. Really.

 The Dread Pirate Wesley

Which Buttercup do you mean?
For if it is one Buttercup then you will surely perish by my blade. If it is another, you're simply a freak who gets off on drawings of pre-schoolers.

 The Dread Pirate Wesley

That is, of course, to say, your friend.


Of course it's my friend! And I- I mean, HE, was referring to the Powerpuff Buttercup.

And might I add, that is one fruity-ass costume. Do you actually wear that in public?

 The Dread Pirate Wesley

Of course. It's terribly comfortable. I think that in future everyone will be wearing fruity-ass costumes.

Seven of Nine  

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