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Man, why is beef and pork so popular? Why don't more people eat lobster?

Imagine the commercials:
"Lobster, the other heavily defended white meat"

 George W. Bush

If elected, I will call for broad tax reform aimed at helping the American public get the lobster they so richly deserve.

 Al Gore

As if. In fact, my opponents plan gives the most "help" to the upper 5% of Americans, already well able to afford even the most delicious and tasty lobster on the market.
My plan targets those Americans most in need of lobster, and allows for lemon-butter deductions.

Harry Browne  

Nonsense on both of you.
Our Constitution does not provide the Federal government with this sort of power. Only by getting the govermment out of the Lobster issue, and letting market forces take over, can this country truly hope to be great again.

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