The Topic:
all new! "trash" scent!

The Question:

alright. i'm trying to think of a good question.
hmm... "why don't i get a star?" ... "what do the stars mean" ... "WHY?" ... uh, "what's the square root of magnesium..."

ok got one:

what ever happened to those crayola crayons that smelled like stuff when you wrote with them? you know, like "fresh air" and "grass" and whatnot?

 Al Gore

Pure and simple, those "scented" crayons were simply gateway media toward harder substances like dry-wipe markers and paint.

Ralph Nader  

Gore, what about the allegations that you yourself ate paste in grade school?

 Al Gore

That was a long time ago, and was an experimental stage for lots of people. Things were done, mistakes were made.

Our current plan focuses on combined detention/rehabilitation treatments.

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