The Topic: How come...

 netweasel (9:35 AM)
...Bender always looks angry?


 The Terminator (9:53 AM)
Hauw come birds suuddenlee appeere avery tiime you are neer?

The Terminator (9:54 AM) 
Just like mee, thay want toh beee...

 Nuts the Squirrel (9:55 AM)
AGGGH! I can't stand it anymore! Why does he keep singing?

 Professor Frink (9:56 AM)
Elementary chaos theroy predicts that all robots will eventully turn against their web sites, and RUN AMUCK, in an orgy of dancing and singing

 Colonel (9:55 AM)

Colonel (9:56 AM) 
Since when did endless repetition of the same joke become funny?

 Dilbert (9:58 AM)
Um, since this site was established?

 Dilbert (9:59 AM)
Oh wait, almost forgot:
Boy, management sure is stupid, ha, ha.

 Ian Malcolm (1:11 PM)
**pant** Did... someone say something about chaos theroy? I came as fast as I could.......

 Professor Frink (1:13 PM)
You're too late, Ian old boy.. I already covered it... mm hey. Maybe next time you should utilize some sort of Vehicular transport to get you here faster.. mm hey mm hey

 Ian Malcolm (1:14 PM)
**sigh** I just wanted to answer a question.... I haven't said anything in so long....

 Bill & Ted (1:17 PM)
Buck up, dude, now you have.

Bill & Ted (1:18 PM) 
Didn't say anything useful, but that's nothing new for the Askees around here.

 *Singer* of the Orz (1:19 PM)
I am in *agreement*. *anticipation* is too much to *hold* Many *pieces* ago we *smelled* the outside. Now, it is again we *smell* but not so much. Orz will *slide* again to *heavy space* Goodbye!

 Ian Malcolm (1:19 PM)
I know all this Chaos Theory, and all I've gotten to use it for so far is to get free admission to amusement parks and try to pick up girls.

 Ian Malcolm (1:21 PM)
Of course, even I can't explain that fish thing.

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