The Topic:
Who is more 31337?

The Question:

Hax0r d00d or Jeff K?

My vote goes to Jeff K

H/\x0r d00d  

Y34h, L1K3 I K0|_|lD EV3R k0|\/|pleTe \/\/I7H Jeff K.!


I agree, you could never compete with Jeff K.! He is just so much more 31337 then you.

Jeff K.  

That rite and yuo bettar not foragt it! In facte, this web site sukcs so badd I can't beleive youre using my pictur! so i haev decided to get a laywer and I will seu yuo all! And yse I am more 3l337 than HAX0R D00d evne thouhg "HAXORS" was the best movie about computars evre and the woman who the who hack in it are vary sexy AND LOOK LIKE ELFES.

 H/\x0r d00d


Th3 P4IN! S0|\/|eo|\|3 M4K3 D@ pa|N s+0P!

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