The Topic: Funny but Unnecessary

 godofchuck (8:17 AM)
Well, you guys did it again. In the Onion thread, you had a perfectly answered topic, but then the Marble came in and added to it. Restraint!


 The Evil Black Marble (8:44 AM)
Sorry. The problem is, these threads are all going to be gone in a few hours, replaced by others. So if I feel I have something to say, I'll say it. No one but the obsessive will notice, anyway.

Leela (8:48 AM) 
I'm going to make a guess, marble, that the only people reading this would be to some extent obsessive.

 Leela (8:49 AM)
They're certainly not here for the humor.

 Fry (8:52 AM)
Geez, Leela, stop being so grumpy. It must be "that time of month."

Bender (8:52 AM) 
Heh, Yea...


 Fry (8:53 AM)
whisper whisper

Bender (8:54 AM) 
Well I guess that finally explains all those weird ads with women walking on the beach and stuff.

 Leela (9:09 AM)

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