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Back in our time!

The Question:

Fry, you're back in our time! How did you manage that? And why did you bring all those friends of yours along, you bastard!?

 Rod Serling

Imagine a place that exists outside of time, where the fictional

Bill the Cat  

Ooop Ack!

 Rod Serling

and the real

Don King  

This'll be the fight of the century!

 Rod Serling

coexist and interact. Those from the distant past

Abraham Lincoln  

Four score and blah blah blah.

God I'm tired of that, I did many things other than that one damn speech.

 Rod Serling

And the possible future

Old, Tired Kirk  

Futures, past, it has never really been a big point with us.

 Rod Serling

meet and intersect. Welcome to The Conversatron.

 Rod Serling

 Rod Serling

That really needs a Zone at the end to make it work, I think the Conversatron Zone would be catchy, and I would certainly get to show up more.

 Marketing Wonks

 Rod Serling

Guess not.

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