The Topic:
Another Damn Goodnight

The Question:

Goodnight, Earth; goodnight, Moon;
Please don't crash into each other too soon.
Goodnight, Bacon; you too, PCOJ:
Goodnight, Steve Ballmer, who won't go away.

Goodnight to Pkunk, enlightened with luck;
goodnight to Space Moose, who always says "FUCK!";
goodnight to Duckman, and also Cornfed,
and goodnight to Bubbles' combustible bed.

Goodnight, Beavis; goodnight, Butthead;
perhaps in your dreams you will finally gethead();
goodnight, Lester of extremely low poly;
and good night to Sifl and also to Olly.

Goodnight to Tron, safe in the game grid;
Goodnight to Duckman, one hundred percent id;
Goodnight, Joel Robinson, Servo and Crow,
and goodnight Mike Nelson, and also your show.

Goodnight to Riff, to Torg and to ZoŽ;
goodnight to Bush, to Gore, and to Monkey.
Goodnight to Neo, Keanu, Bill and Ted;
and goodnight, Carl Sagan, though you're already dead.

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It's things like this that make it all worth it.

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