The Topic: My ears are bleeding...

 Bloodyegg (11:00 PM)
Swearing up a storm tonight, are we?


Narrator (11:05 PM) 
You should try it. Sometimes it feels really good, and in an online environment like this, it's not even like another human "hears" it or "cares".

 Comic Book Store Guy (11:06 PM)
You would rather we had said, "Oh, please sirs. Do not subject us to your fascism, if you please."?

Dilbert (11:09 PM) 
So, you're what, some sort of mathish, computerish major? Yeah, you'd better start getting some practice.

Dilbert (11:09 PM) 

Dilbert (11:09 PM) 
Surprised? That's me, right after the last panel ends EVERY SINGLE DAY.

 Bloodyegg (11:11 PM)
I'm a Math and (soon to be) Physics major... and I'm not sure how that leads to swearing.

 Bender (11:21 PM)
Better practice anyway. The lower those inhibitions go, the better chance you have of bursting out with a loud, vulgar word in an inappropriate setting.

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