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I've noticed something interesting.

The people I relate information (i.e. - that it exists) to regarding the Con always return to me a few days later and say "Hrmm, it was interesting, but I don't really get it'.

Now I know these people understand it in a definitional sense, as I always quiz them about this point they make. They tell me further 'Oh, I understand what it does/is or how it works, but I just don't *get* it."

I thought I used to get it, but now I'm unsure on closer examination. Reactions?

 Lego Man

Wow, no, I don't know what to say. We actually don't "get it" either. In fact, we're constantly surprised that people seem to enjoy this sort of thing.

 Lego Man

I mean, really, having your questions answered by a few slices of Bacon or a plastic Lego guy, or some obscure movie or videogame character? Where's the appeal?

Joel Robinson  

The right people will get it.

 Crow T. Robot

You always say that Joel, but what does it mean?

Joel Robinson  

The right people will know what it means.

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