The Topic: Askee Question

 New Romantic (7:28 PM)
So why are there no Pokémon Askees on the Conversatron? Is it their limited vocabulary or are they just evil to you?


 Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi (8:20 PM)
Pokémon became obsolete back in the 21st century.

 Space Moose (8:21 PM)
Poke what?

Calvin (8:22 PM) 
Obsolete usually implies "being replaced with something better". What could be better than Pokémon?

 Old, Tired Kirk (8:23 PM)
Complacency and boring lifestyles replaced just about everything I can think of.

 Old, Tired Kirk (8:24 PM)
Sex is pretty much all we have left.

Lt. Commander Data (8:25 PM) 
The pervasive use of replication technology has caused so called "collectable trading card games" to become meaningless.

 Squall Leonhart (8:28 PM)
No! Triple Triad too? Oh man...

 Leela (8:28 PM)
That, and in the late 21st century, the technology to actually bioengineer pokémon characters led to the so-called "aPokéclypse", a period of global bloodshed that we still don't like to talk about.

 "Mad" Max Rockatansky (8:31 PM)
The pocyclypse?

I think I've heard of it.

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