The Topic:
a thought

The Question:

Um... er ... BITE ME.


Randal Graves  

Oh yes, hot hot spork-in-mouth action.



Randal, baby, you know you want some... you're just jealous cause I'm saving my lovin' for Leela.

Randal Graves  

Give her all the lovin' you like, just save me some sexin'.


*zips up her bitch-boots*

Oh... you think you're man enough for me, do you?

Randal Graves  

You're one zesty spork-in-boots. I think I might be just enough man.


*fingers her whip*

How much man are you? 'Cause I don't wanna have to show you the back of my hand if I'm disappointed.

*purrs* I hate disappointment.

Randal Graves  

Hot damn, I ain't got no appointment but dis appointment.

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