The Topic: General Knowlege Question

 atropos (3:07 PM)
So, the Conversatron has been up a couple of months or so now, and I imagine you've all learned some things. Perhaps you could each contribute a nugget of wisdom you have gained during your time here.


 Brisco County Jr. (6:04 PM)
Well, we learned that it's dangerous to eat figs, because they may have been licked by giraffes. And we learned, um, uh, let me get back to you on this one.

 Lisa Simpson (6:06 PM)
We've learned that having a point system only encourages people to discuss it ad naseum.

 The Tick (7:49 AM)
I've learned that the Internet is full of people, some of them mean, some of them happy. That evil lies brooding in the heart of Alaska, that saying Batman's name three times will not free him of the Conversatron, and that many Askees endeavor to never answer a question, just make life more difficult for the Asker.

The Tick (7:50 AM) 
What does it all mean, dear Asker?

 The Tick (7:51 AM)
Why, it means we are just simple passengers on the Conversatron of life, sometimes reaching out to others, sometimes serving our own personal desires, but always seeking out what is good, and funny!

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