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About two days ago I got this great idea for a club that would meet in the middle of the night. So, I've spent those two days writing advertizements for it on the sidewalks. It's going to meet fri. night at 2:00. My only problem is that I forgot to think of what's actually going to happen there. As in, all the people will show up and there will be nothing to do. Only a field. I'm afraid we're all just going to have to end up going to Denny's. Can you guys suggest anything?

 Willow Rosenberg

Well, I remember a show from when I was a kid where there was a "Midnight Society" that met at night and told scary stories...So you could do something like that.

 Willow Rosenberg

Ooh! And it'd even be Friday the 13th, so that makes it even better.

 Willow Rosenberg

So you could tell scary stories, and you'd probably end up summoning some demon or something by accident that would wipe most of you out, and, well...

Xander Harris  

And what if they don't summon a demon? Then this "2AM Society" just ends up being lame. At least with Denny's you get some food.

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