The Topic:
calling all Star Conrol Races

The Question:

Humans (normal and Androsynth), Melnorme, Ilwrath, Spathi, Slylandro, Zot-Fot-Pik, Ur-Quan (Kzer-Za and Kor-Ah), Arilou, Orz, Vux, Mycon (red and Deep Children), Utwig, Supox, Pkunk & Yehat, Shofixti, Umgah, Dnyarri, Taalo, Thraddash, Druuge, Syreen, Chmmr (Chenjesu + Mmrnmhrm), clairconctlar, Precursor, Dak-Tak-Lak-Pak, Doog, Exquivan, Harika ( + Yorn), Eternal1s, Eternal1 Heralds, K'tang, LK, Owa, Ploxis, Vyro-Ingo, Xchagger.... Am I missing any???


shut up Shut Up SHUT UP!


you know, it would have been funnier had you gotten all the races together to yell at me... I bet peopel would vote for that


Yes, I'm sure they would.

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