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More Rejection

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I'm a reasonably trusting and optimistic (read: gullible) person. I hung out with a group of about seven people freshman year in college, and second semester, an eighth joined our group. Well, I later found out he hated me, and basically poisoned the group against me. By sophomore year, I was starting over.

Now we're out of school, and given their personalities and a couple of them I've heard about through mutual acquaintances, I think I'm doing better than any of them. So my question is, should I find some way to rub that fact in, or move on?


Rubbing it in at this stage of the game would just be childish.


Yeah, you need to slowly build up your power and prestige until you can basically buy and sell these people, and they anonymously invite them to your huge mansion under some false pretenses, and then suddenly appear and laugh maniacally at them, "Ha-ha-ha, I'm better than you all!"

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