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Did anyone notice last night....

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During the debate that aired last night, Bush was talking about Nigeria and said something to the extent of:
"Nigeria.....blah blah blah.....we can't let anything happen to this powerful continent"
News-flash, Nigeria is a country. I think this pretty much sinched my vote for Gore, I kinda like a president who passed 5th grade geography.

 George W. Bush

Actually, what I said was, "And Africa's important, and we've got to do a lot of work in Africa to promote democracy and trade. And there's some -- the vice president mentioned Nigeria. It's a fledgling democracy. We've got to work with Nigeria. That's an important continent.
But there's got to be priorities. And the Middle East is a priority for a lot of reasons, as is Europe and the Far East and our own hemisphere. "

 George W. Bush

By 'that' I mean 'Africa,' obviously. Geez, people, if you're going to judge your president on how they use parts of speech, why don't you just elect Mrs. Greenbobble the 5th grade English teacher from Cambridge, Ohio president?

Al Gore  

I know Mrs. Greenbobble. She's a close friend of mine. She drove up here for the debate. And you sir, are no Mrs. Greenbobble.

 George W. Bush

You can't know her, I just made her up to prove a point.

Al Gore  

See! I'm not the only one who does that!

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