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I need to go out and get myself a snazzy, three-button sports jacket. One that could easily be worn with an ascot, but that doesn't scream 'Look at how much money I paid for this shit!". It should look casual on first glance, tidy on the second, and perfectly well-suited on the third; that's what I'm looking for here.

Think Cary Grant in a mismatched pant/jacket combo, looking like a aristocrat slumming on a weekend. Where should I go to get this magical piece of fabric?

 George Zimmer

I know of a place that could probably help you out.

 George Zimmer

As a matter of fact, I guarantee it.


Oh George, I can't believe everything I see on TV...and that's where I always see you. Over and over and over again.

Now I need a drink.

 George Zimmer

That's ironic, considering how plastered I always am when I do my commercials.

Drunk? I guarantee it.

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